So you think you’re a Guru—or at least a Guru wannabe? Well, find out!

Take one of our challenges. Pass, and you’ll discover…we were going to say, “great riches.” Actually, “our sincere thanks” is more like it. But never fear. Continue on. We will certainly gift those who achieve Guru Status.

Here are the guidelines and rules of engagement for our Gurus. We’ve tried to make them as simple and straightforward as possible. Nevertheless, please study them carefully, especially the Rules of Engagement. The goal is to be fair while having fun. Playing nicely ensures that everyone gets to stay in the sandbox.


Error Guru Challenge

Anyone who properly notifies us of an error in one of our books will be recognized as an Error Guru and gifted as follows:

  • His or her name will be listed on this website on our Registry of Gurus .
  • S/he will receive a complimentary e-book of the corrected version of the book that contained the Oops.
  • S/he will receive a limited print addition of the book. (After correction, of course.)


Enhancement Guru Challenge

Anyone may properly submits new templates or other material that they believe would be useful to other readers. If we use the material in any edition of a book, s/he will be recognized as an Enhancement Guru and gifted as follows:

  • His or her name will be listed on this website on our Registry of Gurus .
  • S/he will receive a complimentary e-book of the the book in which the material was included.
  • S/he will also receive a limited print addition of the book.


How to Submit Information

Errors and Enhancements must be submitted using the Guru Submissions & Notifications form. If not, we will be unable to recognize your notification as part of the Guru Challenge.

You can also record your findings as comments to the appropriate book posts. You can find the post by going to the Book postings and simply filtering by the appropriate category. For example, to post typos that were found in Marketing Secrets, check the Errors sub-category of the Marketing Secrets category. You’ll find this in the dropdown under “Books” on the right side of the screen. (see figure below)


Rules of Engagement

This section simply outlines the procedures that Gurus and Guru wannabes must follow. It also outlines the rules and guidelines that we will follow to ensure (at least as much as possible) fairness for all. Please feel free to contact us if you want to comment or discuss anything in this section. Maintain complete transparency is our goal.

  • Proper Notification/Submission. All notification of errors and submissions of materials must use the form found on the Guru Submissions & Notifications page.
  • Tie Breaking. What if we have a tie? Multiple people submit the same error or identical great idea for new material? Well, we’ll fall back on a guideline that’s been used in the IT industry for over 50 years. Ultimately, there is rarely such a thing as a tie when processing data as computers basically serialize the gathering and presenting information. While IT gurus may argue the fine points and theoretical truth to our assertion, it works for us. Remember, we get notifications and submissions via email. And an email system orders each entry. As such, it is quite straightforward to assign an arrival sequence to each. For example, if two people submit the same error, one email will precede the other in the email system. The first one in the sorted-by-arrival-time list of emails will thus be considered the earliest submission. In essence, no ties are possible.
  • Gifts. There is no limit to the number of entries the same person can submit. However, there are guidelines governing gifting. These simply follow common sense:
    • Notification of multiple errors in the same book is encouraged. However, each reader will receive the above described Error Guru Challenge gift only once per unique book. For example, if s/he finds 10 errors and submits them using 10 separate contact messages, only one gift will be received. (Though we would be very, very grateful to get all notifications.)
    • Notification of multiple errors across different books is encouraged. As explained in the previous guideline, only one will be received per unique book. So, if 12 errors were submitted for four different books, the Guru would receive four gifts (not 12).
    • Submission of materials follow the same gifting guidelines as those for error notifications. Only one Enhancement Guru Challenge gift will be given per unique book.

These are the rules. Simple, straightforward, and fair!